Less than 1% of Earth's Water can be used
95% of that is WASTED by Us

Start Water Conservation Right at Home with
eWAS ® Water Automation System

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eWAS Water Automation System
No Water Tank Overflow, No water & power wastage, No Checking of Water Supply, No Dry run of pump

Let's work together to prevent the Droughts

Toll Free: 1800 2700 599

Automate Water Pump
Your water pump should be SMART & AUTOMATIC with

eWAS ® Water Automation System

Toll Free: 1800 2700 599

We Are eWAS

eWAS ® Water Automation System

Our Vision is to Save more than 100 Crore litre Water per Day Let’s work together to prevent the Droughts

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It is a matter of grief that, in India, we waste more than 100 Crore liter of water per day* only because of manual operations of water pumps.

We have a vision to Prevent the wastage of 100 Crore liter of water per day by automation of water pumps and water systems.

We daily turn On/Off of our water pumps and water valves in order to meet our water needs. However, in this process, we waste more than 40 litres of water per day if our water tank overflows even for a minute.

eWAS® Water Automation System automatically turns On/Off water pumps, water valves and automate complete water system, thereby saving water and power.

eWAS® is the only Water Automation brand in India with 25+ offices across India and growing  @ 3+ offices per month.

We are an ISO 9001:2008 accredited manufacturer of Water Automation System.

Our innovations are accredited by Department of Science and Technology (under Ministry of Science and Technology) and tested by Govt. Lab, ETDC (Electronic Testing and Development Center).

We have high focus on Research & Development (R&D) and we have published Patents. eWAS® and AEL® are Trademarks of the Company registered under IPR Office, Govt. of India.

We have 80+ Products to cater all the needs of water automation systems.

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Our Skill
eWAS ®Water Automation System

Our Core Values stand on the pillars of

  • Quality Product, and
  • Up-time Services

Our product is tested by Electronic Testing and Development Centre (ETDC), a Govt. Lab.

We are expanding our services base by setting up offices across india. Currently, we have 25+ offices across india and growing @ 3 offices per month.

We save 100+ liter water per day per product and aim to save more than 100,00,00,000+ liter water per day.

No Pump On-OFF manually


Water & PowerSaving


Reduction in Water & Electricity Bill


Up-Time Support to Customers


Our Growing Team with Big Ideas

We are passionately committed to excellence and this is the force behind our success.

  • Lalit Narayan

Lalit Narayan

  • Prashant

Business Development

  • Aditya


  • Naveen


  • Raman


  • Manitosh Kumar

Manitosh Kumar
Patna office

  • Gowhar Ali

Gowhar Ali
Technical Engineer

  • Amit Sharma

Amit Sharma
South Delhi Office

  • Veer Uday

Veer Uday
Gurgaon Office

  • Vikas Chikara

Vikas Chikara
Sonepat office

  • Dr Pramod Patil

Dr Pramod Patil
Nandubar office

  • Ravi Shankar

Ravi Shankar
Alwar office

  • Pratik Amnaji

Pratik Amnaji
Pune Office

  • Ashissh Raichura

Ashissh Raichura
Mumbai Office

  • Tridip Chakraborty

Tridip Chakraborty
Agartala Tripura Office

  • Arun Kumar

Arun Kumar
Lucknow Office

  • L.K Monu

L.K Monu
Mangalore Office

  • srikant behera

srikant behera
Angul Office

  •  Avanish Mishra

Avanish Mishra
Varanasi Office

  • Deepali Jadhav

Deepali Jadhav
Kolhapur Office

Our Benefits

iSaveWater-Join in Saving 100+ Crore Liter Water Daily

No watertank

No need to Switch On and Off Motor
Your Motor will on/off Automatically

No more High Electricity
and Water Bills

No need to wake up
early morning to fill water

No dry run of motor
Our device will Protect your Motor

You need not to stay back to operate the
Motor leaving important work

No need to climb up down
check Water Level in tank

Robust Magnetic Sensors
Long Life & Corrosion-Free

Micro-controller based system
like a Computer for failure-checks

Save Pump from
Voltage Fluctuation

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Products & Services
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  • Sense1R-WTS
  • Sense2R-WTS
  • Sense2R
  • Sense2R-Drain-Off
  • Sense1R

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