Ewas Water
Water Level Automation System for Hotels

Item Code: eWAS-Water-Level-Automation-System-for-Hotels
Automation of 3-Phase Boring/Submersible Pump eWAS® Sense2R


When Overhead Tank gets empty, then Water Pump will turn ON automatically.
When Overhead Tank is Full, then Water Pump will turn OFF automatically.


No Tension of Turning ON/OFF Pump
Overhead Tank remains Full, always
No Water Wastage; No Power Wastage
Three Level Water Indicator – 33%, 66%, & 100% of Water Tank

Salient Features:

eWAS® Magnetic Sensors – Made up of Plastic (PP) which works with Hard Water also; irrespective of water characterstrics
No Salt Formation, Corrosion, etc. on Sensors
Conventional Switch to Turn ON/OFF Pump, manually
System is installed with existing Pump Panel
Maintenance Free System

Our offered range is engineered for:

Application: Household and industrial water pumps for overhead tank
Longer service life
Automatic pump switching (on/off) based on immaculate sensors
Other Information
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece(s)
Port of Dispatch: Delhi NCR
Production Capacity: 1000
Delivery Time: 72 Hrs

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